“With Zontee’s great breadth of knowledge and easy to utilize practices,
I can’t recommend her enough. Her professionalism and kind personality
make it exceptionally easy to work with her as well.”

– Nathaniel Navratil
AAF North Dakota, Secretary & Programming Chair

Why Engage Zontee?

Zontee brings a unique blend of strategic, academic, and practical thinking to her keynotes, speeches, and workshops. She presents both at conferences, summits, and retreats, as well as with smaller teams and executives.

Not only does she empower her audiences with actionable advice, but she also inspires them through clever case studies and stories.

In feedback from her audiences, Zontee Hou is consistently and highly rated across industries as an engaging speaker who presents actionable and useful content.

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Popular Topics

TestimonialZontee crafts each talk to fit the specific audience; some of her most popular talks include:

ATLAS: 5 Steps to Define Your Customer Journey and Create Winning Content– Creating content is easy. Creating content that moves people is harder. Creating content that moves your audience, your buyer? That’s incredibly difficult. To get it right you need to reach them with the right message and in a context, a format, and at a time they welcome. In this program, learn how your brand defines that journey. Explore examples of companies you admire who are getting the story right. And, discover how you connect it to conversions and meaningful actions, aligning your sales and marketing teams.

The Alchemy of Content Marketing – In this session, we explore 6 different case studies on the benefits of content marketing—a strategic approach that puts the customer at the center of your marketing decisions. Plus learn actionable ways that you can incorporate content marketing into your business practices immediately. Learn how to differentiate from your competition and convey your brand’s unique story.

Create Content by the Numbers: Metrics-Driven Content Marketing – Like most marketers, you may be busy creating a ton of content for your social channels, sales teams, website, etc. But are you creating the most useful content for your company? Does your content align with your business goals? In this session, we explore the key metrics that you need to understand and track in order to create better content. Find out what to measure in order to plan, publish, and track your content more effectively.

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Recent Engagements

Zontee has spoken for a variety of trade organizations, universities,
and marketing organizations including:

Click here to view one of Zontee’s webinars with SCOREone of their most popular ever with almost 1,000 live attendees and 2,000 registrants. See the slides below: