Bust Craftacular 2012: My Finds

This past Saturday, the Bust Craftacular took place in Soho. I headed down with Michelle to check it out and pick up some hand-crafted goodies. I picked up some “Magic Unicorn” salt (a paprika, lemon, sea salt blend) from Beautiful Briny Sea, along with a gorgeous little necklace from We See Stars.

I also saved cards from Super Great Greetings (seriously sassy greeting cards for the snarky urbanite), Jazz Brownies (boutique-y brownies presented like high-end chocolate truffles), and Zoa Chimerum (other-worldly, yet organic-looking jewelry) for future reference.

This is one of my favorite things about NYC: the abundance of markets for small crafts operations to show off their stuff. Be sure to keep on listings in Time Out or on Craft‘s website for events throughout the year.